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The new ElectroHelix

How do you improve on a classic? It very hard, but with our new ElectroHelix™ that is what we have managed to do. Back in 2004, when we started E-Stim Systems we launched the Series 1, and since then it has been the mainstay of our starter electro collection. Many thousands of people around the world have been introduced to the pleasures that e-stim can bring, all from a little black box called the 'Series 1'. So when we wanted to update the Series 1 we knew we had to be careful to create something that had the essence or 'DNA' of the Series 1, but built on all the years of our experience since its launch. The ElectroHelix™ is the result.

Smaller, lighter, with more power, more programs and more control, but still with all the functions of the original Series 1, the ElectroHelix™ is simply perfect when it comes to an starter electroplay unit. A smart 'little black box', it is not a 'rebadged' TENS unit, nor does it require a 300 page manual to operate. Simple to use, easy to enjoy, the ElectroHelix™ should be in everyones electro toybox.

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