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Questions and answers to some of the more common questions regarding E-Stim and its pleasures. This is not a compete list and is constantly being updated.

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Are the electrodes compatable with all of your control boxes?

Yes. All of our accessories are compatible with all of our control boxes, and, with suitable adaptors the Series 1, Series 2, 2B™, the ABox™ and the Remote can drive a wide range of electrodes produced by other manufacturers.


Can E-Stim cause burns?

Generally no, but with high levels, and a very small contact area it is possible to cause minor irritation or redness.


Can I pay by American Express?

Yes, both over the telephone, and via our secure online payment system.


Can I pay cash

Only if you are collection from our workshops. You could also look at our stockists map and find a local stockist.


Can I pay via paypal



Can I run the control units from the mains?

It depends on the control unit, only the 2B™ is designed to offer mains power options. If you are planning to, ensure you are using a control unit that is designed for mains use, and follow the instructions.

In general a control unit designed for mains use, will have isolated outputs, and a double insulated, low voltage CE approved power supply.

We don't recommend you attempt to use any battery eliminator type of power supplies as these will not have the safety elements needed.

Can I take my box apart?

It is not something that we would recommend. Most E-Stim power boxes contain high voltages, I voltages that are present even when the box is turned off so there is a serious safety issue. As well as this without explicit knowledge of the control unit you would be hard pressed to make any repairs.

In addition, by opening your power box up you are generally invalidating any form of manufacturers warranty.


Can I use a condom on the electrodes?

No, as e-stim electrodes rely on contact with the body, a condom will provide an insulator, preventing the electrode from working. The best method to ensure protection from infection is to ensure that you have your own electrodes and you don't share with others. Ensure you clean the electrodes thoroughly both before and after use.


Can I use a violet wand and e-stim at the same time?

It is not something that we would generally recommend. A violet wand is designed to use excessively high voltages (although tiny currents) that will destroy most consumer electronics - so your PC, mobile phone and any other electronics that you can think of could be vulnerable.

Simple answer - No.


Can I use a Zinc Carbon battery?

No. A zinc carbon battery, normally marketed as a cheaper battery (10 for 1), doesn't have the capacity to drive a Series 1 let alone a 2B™. Steer clear of them.


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