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Pinwheels & Speculum

Sometimes when creating our website it is hard to decide when to place an electrode, and our pinwheels and speculums are so magical and unusual that they managed to get an entire section dedicated to themselves.

Pinwheels are designed to be used on the skin, the electro-speculum is designed to be inserted...please don't get the two confused!!!

Both work much better with conductive gel.

Cable key

4mm Cable A 4mm cable is needed.
Bi Cable A BiCable is needed.

Both the Pinwheels and Speculums will need a cable if you don't already have one, and since we don't supply a cable as standard (as one cable will fit many electrodes), so to help you decide if you need a cable all of the information pages are marked with a graphic to indicate what cables are compatible with the electrode.

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