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Cable key

2mm Cable A 2mm/TENS
cable is needed.
4mm Cable A 4mm cable is needed.
Low Profile A 4mm/Low profile cable
is recommended.
Bi Cable A BiCable is needed.

Cables are the important connection between the electrode and your control unit.

Most of our power boxes are supplied with one or two 2mm connection cables, suitable for connecting to our sticky pads and electrodes with 2mm/TENS style connections. If you are looking for cables to connect with electrodes, then have a look at the Cable key with each electrode, depending on the size of the electrode and its intended use you might find you either need a different cable, or you already have one.

Our cable range covers cables that allow you to connect electrodes and power boxes to non E-Stim Systems equipment, and if you do not see what you need then please try our new cable selector guide, or drop us an email.

Cables are covered by a 3 month guarantee.

Stereo Link Cable
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Stereo Link Cable

(£10.00 ex UK VAT)

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