E-Stim Systems Gel


The ElectroWand™ is yet another E-Stim Systems first. A beautifully polished hand held monopole E-Stim electrode giving you not only control where its needed but electrosex a totally new meaning.

The insulated handle allows you to thrust and manipulate the ElectroWand into just the right place for maximum pleasure. As this is a monopole electrode a second point of contact is needed, and often this is a sticky pad, but that is not the only option as any monopole electrode can be used to complete the circuit, so let your imagination run riot.

Cleaning is simple and easy as the electrodes can be easily disassembled and immersed and washed off in hot water with light detergent to get them nice and clean and then wiped dry. Caustic cleaning substances are not a good idea as this may damage your electrode, and obviously you need to make sure the electrode is completely dry before storage.

Available in two sizes and covered by our Lifetime Guarantee the ElectroWand is a great addition to any E-Stim collection.

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