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Welcome to another ground breaking product from E-Stim Systems - The PenisPlug™. Engineered in our own workshops from aircraft grade aluminium and then polished to a mirror finish, the PenisPlug™ is a single pole urethral electrode for those who fancy something a little different from urethral sounds.

Cable key

4mm Cable is needed

A 4mm cable
is needed.

Low Profile can be used

A 4mm/Low profile cable
can be used.

BiCable can be used

A BiCable
can be used.

Diamond Head

With a distinctive Diamond Head and super smooth, super shiny polished surface the PenisPlug™ will slide in easily and once inserted is held in place by the urethra closing around the shaft of the plug holding it in place. The large base prevents over insertion and when in contact with the tip of the cock you are in for a real feast of sensation.

Sized for comfort

The PenisPlug™ comes in 3 sizes, small, medium and large so they are suitable for all levels of experience and with the tapered tip you get a gentle stretch to help in slipping them in.

Easy to use

All of our PenisPlugs™ are designed with stylish grooves in the base to help with gripping them with lube covered fingers and are fitted with an industry standard 4mm socket. As a single pole electrode a second point of contact is required so why not consider pairing the PenisPlug™ with either Conductive Rubber Loops or Cock Straps.

E-Stim Systems Lifetime guarantee

Lifetime Guarantee

The Penis Plugs™ are all covered by our Lifetime Guarantee.

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