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Based on the medical examination tool, the Bipolar Speculum adds a more intense sensation to your electro stimulation experience. Both the top and bottom 'probes' are electrical contacts, unlike other inferior versions of this device where the whole speculum is connected. This allows the sensation to penetrate exactly where you want it.

You will need

4mm Cable A cable with
4mm connectors

Fitted with heavy duty 4mm connection sockets, this bipolar electro speculum is not for the faint hearted.

We strongly recommend the use of conductive gel with the electro speculum.


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A simple device and perfect for medical fetish. Just apply the conductive jel and gently ease in.Attach the cables and apply the juice.It has lovely solid construction, the hinge mechanism can not be faulted. Works every time!


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You will need a cable to connect your electrode to your control unit.
Non E-Stim Systems control units may require a TENS style connection,
but may not have the power to drive the larger electrodes.

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