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Large E-Bead 2.0


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E-Bead 2.0 Large

We have collaborated with Mr S Leathers of San Francisco to create the next generation of their best-selling E-Bead. The E-Bead 2.0.

Designed For Pleasure

We took Mr S Leather's original design and gave it our own E-Stim Systems twist. The two ‘beads’ of the E-Bead 2.0 are made of aircraft grade aluminium and feature our Luxurious Satin finish and they are then separated by a ridgid black insulator. Originally designed to be fully inserted so that the sensations are deep within, the E-Bead 2.0 can also be used partially inserted with one bead inside and one outside which focuses the sensation around the opening producing more of that lovely twitch that gives the electrode a more natural thrusting movement. This is the Large E-Bead 2.0 but if this is too big then try the Small E-Bead 2.0

No Cable Required

The Large E-Bead 2.0 is fitted with a captive cable measuring approximately 1.5 meters long and terminated with a right angle 3.5mm jack plug, so no need for any other cables, it will simply plug straight into our power boxes. With no connectors sticking out of the E-Bead 2.0 is a perfect electrode for wearing under underwear allowing you the option to take play to the next level. Should you wish to use the E-Bead 2.0 with power units from other companies such as MyStim or ElectraStim that use the TENS style socket then you will need to use one of our TENS to 3.5mm Socket Adaptors


We recommend the use of water based lubricant such as our ElectroGel for play so as to ensure easy insertion and good conductivity. Do NOT use silicone or Hybrid lubricants. Please note condoms cannot be used with our electrodes.


Cleaning is simple and easy, the Small E-Bead 2.0 can be washed off using hot water with light detergent, medical grade cleaning wipes or sex toy cleaner and then wiped dry. DO NOT use caustic cleaning substances as this may damage the E-Bead 2.0 and DO NOT immerse it in any liquid for cleaning. Make sure the electrode is fully dry before storage.

The E-Bead 2.0 is NOT designed to be disassembled by the user for cleaning.

Lifetime Guarantee

Lifetime Guarantee As with all of our Premium Electrodes the E-Bead 2.0 is covered by Our unique Lifetime Guarantee and supplied in a re-usable protective storage tube.

Name Large E-Bead 2.0
Type BiPolar Insertable
Length 124mm (4.8")
Insertable Length 124mm (4.8")
Diameter 38mm (1.5")
Circumference 119mm (4.6")
Weight 292g
Connections Captive Cable with right angle 3.5mm Jack plug
Guarantee Lifetime (Cable not covered)

User Guides

E-Bead 2.0 Electrode User Manual
Guide to Choosing an Electrode


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5 of 5 Stars
A fantastic electrode for deep insertion play, the added girth of this one over the small makes it more fun to insert, and it gives a much fuller feeling. I found it worked the best half in and half out. The ghost fucking sensation is so intense and lots of fun. The finish on E-Stim Systems electrodes is always great, and the satin look on this one not only looks good, but it helps electrogel to cling to the surface. Suitable for vaginal as well as anal play it really delivers some fantastic sensations. It is another excellent addition to my collection of E-Stim Systems electrodes.


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To attach this product to other manufacturers power boxes that use the TENS style socket, such as MyStim or Electrastim you will need one of our TENS to 3.5mm Socket adaptors.

Conductive Gel

We always recommend our Electro conductive Gel for use with insertables.
Manufactured to give a smoother more comfortable response, and suitable for internal use, it is far superior over other more 'sex toy' orientated lubricants.

Disinfectant Wipes

Pack of 12 sterile disinfectant wipes

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