E-Stim Systems Gel

Helix Blue Pack

(£99.17 ex UK VAT)

After a nice conversation with the sales department i went with the electro helix blue pack.
What a sensation is this!
Never have i experienced such a deep pleasurable feeling.

im in love with it.. now my quest for more toys begins

I'm a first time user to electro stimulation for pleasure. After seeing and reading various reviews about this product online I just had to get one. My god, you will not be disappointed. This small unit packs a powerful punch but is also great for those who want to start of 'slow' and increase the feel of the electricity.

I purchased this on the reviews I read online. I have used several other stim boxes from other manufacturers. This one however I think is the Rolls Royce of stim. The sensations are wonderful and the levels can get quite intense, not been above halfway so far. I have also experienced a couple of hands from orgasms. I would recommend this to anyone who is into stim from beginners to advanced users. Worth every penny .

Got my helix blue kit today. Previously had their original starter kit and this thing is amazing. Wonderful piece of kit for solo and in a play bag. Will definitely be getting the bigger box soon. Estim opened my mind to the world of electro play and it’s many uses both as a fun solo device and as a bottom control device (excuse the pun). Many thanks for keeping up the build quality and everything I loved with the version 1. Many a fun time will be had. For anyone wondering if electro is for you, give it a go. It only hurts if I’m in control! Peace, love and light x

Great product.
Well made and well packaged in its own case.
Plenty of functions and a good level of control.
I love the feeling as the electricity pulses through my cock.

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