E-Stim Systems Gel

Large Torpedo

(£74.17 ex UK VAT)

My lovely wife bought me one of these as a Christmas pressie (I already have a flange). Taking it out the tube it is a weighty beast and at 2 inches diameter it certainly fills you up! I use it with my 2B and a stereo file I found in the e-stim forum pages (look for 'bastard'). It's definitely now my favourite insertable and if you don't mind them big then go for it!

Warm up is very important, I also have a flange and an MJ, you will need to open yourself with something similar before you graduate to the Large Torpedo, 50mm and the weight of this thing should not be under estimated!
The reward of patience is, of course, a serious stretch and a truly full feeling. Wired up and in pulse mode this thing really delivers, truely powerful simulation, your butt and hole will be in bits, HFO with only anal stim? If your in a good place (hard), it’s possible.

This is oh so good. It really is a tight squeeze for me and that feels amazing in itself but it's when I attach it to my 2B control box that I really get to enjoy it.

It feels so amazing on waterfall and squeeze settings and has me writhing around in no time at all. It is far to small for me to use anally but no doubt some of the guys out there will really enjoy this one.

I would recommend it to anyone who loves that feeling of really being stretched.

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