E-Stim Systems Gel

Classic Remote System


Since I received the E-stim Remote System, I can honestly say that I have had so much fun with it. The range on the transmitter is, and it is so easy to use. Out of the five modes, it is the movement sensor setting that I love the best.

I can wire up my submissive, and while she tries to stay very still to prevent a shock, I just hit the fire button and off she goes. The initial shock causes her to jump and then the movement sensor takes over prolonging the fun. Talk about tears of joy and anguish.

This is the perfect tool for any Dom/sub scene, but it is also fun to wear and use on your own too if you fancy teasing yourself out and about.

With the regular favourites, pulse and continuous coupled with the fire button and the motion sensor, you can get creative. Once again, this is another e-stim control box that is so much fun to use.

The remote is a very exciting way of playing with estim whilst out of the bedroom/playroom. I was lucky enough to have been wired upto one at several events using sticky pads on my ass cheeks or inner thighs. It is a fantastic way of being kept in line during these events as one quick push of the remote and you jump. Obviously if it is turned up higher then it is a great way of ensuring you stay well behaved! I think I need to play with it more now using different electrode combinations but I can say that pads are not only quick to use but also very effective!

Une petite boîte bien utile!

J'ai acquis mon E-Stim télécommandée il-y-a quelques mois et ai déjà eu l'occasion de l'utiliser plusieurs fois.
Que ce soit à la maison, dans la rue, dans un bar ou ailleurs, sa petite taille et sa couleur permettent de la cacher facilement des regards de tous. E-Stim à également eu la bonne idée de fixer un clip au derrière du boitier receveur ce qui est très pratique pour l'attacher à une ceinture ou un harnais.
Les cinq programmes ont chacun leur utilité. J'aime beaucoup le "Motion sensor" qui permet une punition au moindre mouvement mais aussi le programme "Training" qui permet lui d'infliger 33, 66 ou 100% d'intensité via les boutons de la télécommande.

Un investissement qui vaut vraiment le coup!

A small box very useful!

I got my E-Stim Remote it-there-a few months and have already had occasion to use it several times.
Whether at home, in the street, in a bar or elsewhere, its small size and the color used to easily hide the looks of all. E-Stim to also had the good idea to set a clip behind the receiver box which is very handy for attaching to a belt or harness.
The five programs each have their uses. I love the "Motion sensor" that allows a punishment at the slightest movement, but also the "Training" program that allows him to inflict 33, 66 or 100% intensity via the buttons on the remote control.

An investment really worth it!

Shopping has never been more fun since buying my remote he never runs of with the trolley anymore :-)

I have had alot of fun with this box, i prefere to use the motion sensor, when i play selfbondage games. But as much as i move around i still havent made it fire of stronger than the level i set, i wonder how many counts it take to fire? anyone know?. But its fantastic little box, and great fun.

well yes ive have had great pleasure giving my subs a few reminders of where they are, the fact that my e stim has a mind of its own at times can be quite telling and frustrating as well but over all im pleased with it i bought mine in 2007 not used it as much as i would like there are so many wimps out there just need yo find some real pain sluts to have great fun with

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