E-Stim Systems Gel

Classic Remote System


bought this & had so much fun, 80 meters distance is wonderful for use in supermarket, club or home for getting your subs attention, especially with both Flange & rubber cock rings.

wow !!!! what can I say. Excellent bit of kit. The sensor works really fine, as soon as you twitch you get zapped, also with the remote you can get your partner to zap you from another room etc. If anyone in doubt about purchasing this unit...... then don't. you will be very pleased with your purchase as I am. highly recommend this init for alot of fun and control. A++++++++.

I bought this product from E-Stim to keep my subby in check whilst out at clubs, well what can I say ?
It is fabulous, works a treat especially in mode 1 where I can just click the remote button and send a reminder shock to my subby.
Some of you who have been either at Rapture at CEASARS in Coventry or at Sweet Torments in London will recognise my subby Busty by her noticable squeaks every time she is reminded where she is supposed to be or to behave. This has lead to much amusement to the assembled crowds and myself, but perhaps not quite such amusement to her.
I great product, well made and very effective. It has give us both hours of entertainment (well me the entertainment and her the very wet lady parts)
Well worth the purchase especially if you are a Dom with a wayward subby who needs to be reminded of her place sometimes.

Well done Guys

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