E-Stim Systems Gel

Standard Self adhesive Electro Pads

(£6.67 ex UK VAT)

Excellent pads that you can use time and time again. I found that they would stick anywhere and it was a lot of fun placing them for their best effect. I can see me getting a lot of enjoyment out of them. I personally had no problem with the conductivity of them and every time I have used them they have brought about some amazing sensations. Top marks.

These self adhesive pads can be stuck anywhere - they are the most versatile of the surface electrodes, and such fun too

Having tried these on my bum cheaks I thought I wuld share my experiences with you. On continuous I found that them very pleasurable and produced a tingly sensation. On pulse I found my cheeks were cletching in time to the rate, which was fun yet distracting. And manual again I jumped for joy!!!!

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