E-Stim Systems Gel


(£57.50 ex UK VAT)

Great Quality. I really enjoy to have it in my butt, fired by a Tension Lover.
Good Value.
Tends to slip out in longer sessions, so I´m upgrading to something larger.

perfect toy, i use it in 3phase, only the top of the probe, a plunging pete electrode to the tip of my cock for chanal A and B gives me a HFO every time, most of the time more than one.....

To say that the Flange is now a firm favourite of mine would be an understatement. It is the perfect fit for me and the flared base allows a lot of contact with my pussy lips and clitoris bringing some incredible sensations whilst playing with it. I thought that the Veriprobe was good but this electrode blows it out of the water. I am hooked on the premium range now and look forward to trying out some of the others. If you are looking for a well made, highly capable insert that is good for vaginal and anal use then this is it. Look after it and it will last for years.

OMG the flange is amazing girls your gonna love this one

For newbies like my sub and I, the Flange was advised to us instead of the VeriProbe. Great idea, it was for us a great introduction (... :-) to the E-Sitm world. Plus, it's a beautiful, heavy and well shaped object in itself. We currently (5/2013) use it with the Series 1.

Superb product. Can't compare as it's my first one, but the sensations are out of this world!

Hi all, I have been a regular purchaser of E-Stim kit and enjoy all the products that I have bought, both personally and with my owned and collared sub, this Item is excellent and we have had hours of pleasure with it so therefore thoroughly recommend this product.

I bought this product a little time ago for use with the Series 1 remote and it haas proved a valuable toy in my box of tricks.

I can only judge from the reactions I get from my sub that it touches the parts other toys dont. It doesnt take much with toy to turn her into a puddle of quivering fluid on the floor.

A great product manufactured to exacting standards by a great company, and I fully recommend it to any Stimmers out there.


Love it!!!! It touches my clit and drives it wild. Even better with the Gel. I now want two!!!!

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