E-Stim Systems Gel

The Medium Deviant™

(£74.17 ex UK VAT)

I bought this electrode to compliment the Flange that I already own. I am a bit of a texture queen and absolutely love the ripples along the side of the Deviant. Just inserting it has me on the verge of a very powerful orgasm. When I switched on my Series 1 power box that did it and sent me over the edge. The Deviant is a very capable, well machines piece of sextech that will have your writhing in lustful ecstasy. Its very large surface area makes it a very eficient electrode and the sensations that this delivery are mind blowing. I have the medium and have found this to be the perfect size for vaginal e-stim fun for me.

I bought the Series 1 with a Flange. With my sub, we learned to use it, along with some pads and items. Please read my previous reviews for more feedback regarding them.
As we wanted to experiment more, the Deviant was the next step. Well, again, the result is stunning. According to her, it's not the same sensation at all compared to the Flange. Not 'bigger' or 'stronger', just different. In fact, I was afraid the Flange would disappear from our games but no, it's still in use. Great looking, heavy, you just can't go wrong with a Deviant, even if it's your first insertable. For your information, my sub is 4 foot 11 inches tall only, not very fat, and still the Deviant Medium was the perfect choice.

Mmmmm the ripples definatly hit all the right places

My boyfriend bought me this as a present and I love the ripply head. I found it a bit heavy but I have used it a couple of times now and I love the feel on pulse on our box
Can you do a pink or red one?

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