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I got one of these ball crushing electrodes for my partner and we had so much fun getting to know it and use it. He was surprised by the sensations that it can generate and it can be used for pain or pleasure. I noted the comments in the previous review but we didn't experience any of the problems mentioned. If you don't hang low you can use a nut and washer to prevent the problem mentioned.

Fitting it was fun as my partner has very large balls, we found it easiest to push one through at a time and then to push his penis through last.

I really enjoyed restraining him and using it on him and he also enjoyed solo play sessions with it. His parting words after the first time he tried it was "Bloody hell, my balls had a real workout and it was so good, I've never felt my scrotum tugging before in time with the pulses and I like it".

12 December 2016. This item looked like it could be some fun so I bought one. It's a well made unit and robust enough for the job but I can only score it one star as unfortunately it doesn't fit my anatomy. For the unit to be effective the balls need to be ideally at the centre point of the three tightening screws, or at least at the same level as the two upper tightening screws; from the centre of the retaining ring the top two screws are 8cms down and the bottom screw 14cms down. If a guys balls are on the tight side and don't hang down past the 8cms mark, in use the front plate pivots about the top screws, closes up at the bottom (without tightening the bottom screw) and squeezes the balls upwards and out of the unit.
If you're in the market for one of these I would say it's certainly worth checking your 'hang down' measurement and bearing in mind the returns policy. JM

Admin: I am sorry that the item did not fit your personal anatomy but unfortunately it is not always possible to manufacture a one size fits all type of unit. As with all items of a personal nature if used the item can not be returned as who would buy a second-hand item of this nature?

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