E-Stim Systems Gel

Small Diamond Penis Plug

(£29.16 ex UK VAT)

I bought this in order to add some spice into BDSM play with my husband and I loved using it on him. It looks stunning and is so smooth it slips in very easily. We found the best combination was with a cock loop or an anal electrode and the sensations were very strong indeed.

I made the mistake of getting the small instead of the medium but it works none the less, measure yourself guys. I have even used it on myself so you could just call it an electrosex urethral plug.

If you are looking for a great way to add some spice to your cock play then this is definitely worth a go, it's just like sounding but with the added sensations that go with e-stim play.

A great new addition to my armoury.
Using mono low-profile leads, with the other lead connected to a Flange, when used with a 2B on 'waterfall' setting the sensations are FANTASTIC!!
I found that used it conjunction with a condom, it can help maintain good contact, and doesn't slip out.

These look intimidating, but are well worth the effort. I used mine (with low profile leads) connected to a Flange as the other (mono) contact. With a 2B on 'waterfall' setting, the effect is FANTASTIC!! One thing, it is best used with a condom, to stop it slipping out, but a HIGHLY recommended piece of kit!

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