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Review - Large Electro Egg

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If you think your a bad boy this will pull you down a few notches, so be prepared!
The weight, size, insertion is fab especially for anal use.
On first use I thought is that it? Tried different modes, speed and sensation and thought well maybe I was expecting too much - I moved slightly and it just about put me thru the roof, I couldn’t turn it down quick enough.
I have never, ever, felt anything like it before, It’s nothing like a vibrator feeling - it massively better.

Tips: you really need the electro-gel to get max sensation.
When you first insert don’t expect too much too quick, just give yourself a little time for it seat properly, move around slightly and it will blow your mind to pieces.
Will it make you ejaculate? Kinda, but believe me it will be the last thing on your mind.
Watch the two halves are tight before inserting.

Improvements: when unscrewing the two halves the fraying cable is of a poor design, this is a major let down, and can see this causing issues when cleaning the two halves

ADMIN: The Electro Egg IS NOT DESIGNED TO BE DISASSEMBLED as per the very clear instruction leaflet included with the product, doing so breaks the internal seals and renders the warranty invalid. The Instructions make is clear that the two halves maybe slightly lose, this is to aid in the removal of built up lubricant, but the Egg should have be tightened before use, but NEVER unscrewed and disassembled, this retains the water seals and so maintains the integrity of the contact for the top half. The design is a tried and tested one having served us very well since the release of this product providing the users follow the instructions provided.
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