E-Stim Systems Gel

Review - Black Collection - XL

(£132.50 ex UK VAT)

This is without a doubt the biggest e-stim electrode that I have ever had the pleasure of using and I almost gave up trying to get all of it in.

I persevered though and with the help of warming up with other electrodes first and a few orgasms I finally got it fully home and it felt incredible. Not only stretching me wider than ever before but its weight felt like it was constantly to push itself deeper inside me.

The sensations when stimming with it are fantastic, focussed around my g-spot and I have no problem reaching reliable orgasms with it. However it is for pussy use only on me as I would never get it in my other fun hole.

If you are looking for a heavy, filling electrode then this one deserves serious consideration, I love it.
01/08/2018 by
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