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Before I had a Series 2 I had a Series 1. And an A Box. Both are now with delighted new owners *smile* People who know me will tell you what a picky so and so I am, so owning two E-Stim boxes gives you some idea of how highly I rate the E-Stim crew and their products. Don't be fooled, all E-Stim boxes pack a hefy kick behind theire cute black cases, dials and buttons. What many people don't realise is that these boxes have value as aids to period pain, back, elbow and shoulder pain as well as their wonderful uses for yummy electroplay.

Don't think of these boxes as just toys for the bedroom. I use my E-Stim box on my lower back often and she who is mine uses it for her evil period pain. After a short burst from a Series 1 at a recent BBB, she who is mine was dancing around while her period pain was in retreat.

Compared to a normal TENS unit, I believe that E-Stim boxes have more oomph and far more flexibility. I tried a TENS box on my lower back recently and it just didn't compare at all.

A friend asked me for advice after being told by her GP that she needed to work on her pelvic floor muscles and could do it with a device he showed her. She thought "Jamie got a great box for less" and asked me. Three days later she was a delighted E-Stim customer.

Obviously I must say that I'm not a GP or medically qualified in any way. I do have a long history of back, neck and shoulder trouble which my E-Stim box helps relieve. And for me, that counts for one hell of a lot.
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