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Review - 2B Power Box

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Had the 2B for nearly a week now. Have been using flange and conductive rubber ring. Can sit and play with the settings for hours exploring the most pleasant sensations! The ring made quite spiky, sometimes sore feelings at first, but I think I've got used to it, and it's nearly all perfect! I can't imagine why it has a 'high' power setting!! I've used a box by another company and even on full it is barely able to keep up with the 2B on 20-30%! The modes are sensible, they don't change all the time like some other boxes- you change everything to suit. I just wish the wave/waterfall modes could be more customisable in terms of the repeat frequency. Audio is the way forward! First ever HFO today in no time at all with track 6 of the included cd using the flange anally/cock ring combo. Turning up the audio response setting from 50-60-70- WOW! What a product. It felt like being fucked and masturbated at the same time but like the stimulating hand is inside you as well as on the outside.. Well can't do it justice with description really. And to think a week ago I'd never heard of electrostim. Completely different to anything I've ever experienced. Thanks to you guys!
09/11/2012 by
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