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Review - Classic ABox

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This is the box that started me on E-stim play :) It has flashing lights and can be hooked to an mp3 player, any input which has a 3.5mm jack (such as a microphone) or can use its own internal microphone. These features attracted me and soon it wasn't too long before Jamie and his magic box were getting a reputation.

Running it off the mp3 player was the desired feature. Tracks like Skid Row's Slave To The Grind or a live version of Deep Purple's Burn (the Live In London album) got a really good response from the box and the recipients :) It's also fun to use at a club where there's loud music (although if you can't hear the safeword then it's too loud IMHO). Attachments I've got to work off it are the femilux and veriprobe, the tweezers and the double pinwheel.

You can also plug a microphone in, leave it by subbie's mouth and put an insertable in. Then when you thwack subbie and they make a noise, they get buzzed. This is brilliant for screwing with the subbie's head as one good thwack to the subbie can keep them moaning for hours in a circle of moan-buzz-moan-buzz-moan-buzz... *evil grin*

I recommend the A-box wholeheartedly.
13/01/2008 by
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