E-Stim Systems Gel

Review - 2B Bonus Pack

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I really, really like this e-stim control box. I knew that it had an amazing reputation which is why I wanted it and it has certainly lived up to that reputation. The Bonus pack is great as I am always in need of extra cables and having the Digital Link Cable has already allowed me to update the firmware in my 2B to the latest version and that took me just six minutes in total. Its performance is amazing. I have a Series 1, and ElectroHelix and an ElectroPebble as well and this control box blows all three totally out of the water in terms of its functionality and upgrade-ability. I love the waterfall and squeeze programs the best and just can;t get enough of it. I can see my other control boxes just gathering dust now. The 2B gets a very strong recommendation from me.
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