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ElectroPebble XPF Pack


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First time trying anything like this - took a bit of experimenting to figure out, but simple enough, and once you get it - wow -
Strong and prolonged orgasms. Still feeling pretty spaced out.

The product and accessories are all of very high build quality, and feel durable. Product itself was intuitive to use, pre-made programs are good (yet to try the audio). Power output is ample - even on split, there was still plenty of room to play with.


Sterile Lube


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Outstanding for insertables. Really sterile and easy to use.
Always be careful with insertables - use this lube and sterile hands as well :)...

2B Power Box


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Amazingly powerful ! Contrary to what I had read about this box, even at low power setting (default setting) and on battery (no need of AC adaptator except if you want painful stim or very long sessions), you can get very pleasurable sessions at 10-20% level in most modes. Built in modes are very interesting and I got a very nice HFO with throb mode in few minutes ! Noticeably, I had a long session with stereo input 4 hours before, ending with a fantastic HFO. So, in a 5 hour time I enjoyed two HFO ! Not so bad for my first try with estim2B and for a 53 year old man…
Of course, stereo input mode offers unlimited combinations of extraordinary pleasurable sessions, but don’t neglect built in modes, some of them are particularly efficient to reach rapid HFO. You can connect it to your smartphone, and once again, there is enough power (I kept a less than 30 % level)
This box is far more easy to use than my Stereo HIFI device I used. I think it will become my travel companion.
One negative point, don’t turn to speedily the setting buttons, otherwise the changes are not taken in account.
Forgive my English, I am French ! Enjoy !!

Black Collection - Medium


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I bought the Black Medium a while ago on recommendation from JS' online review.

The insertable part is intense and filling, blinkin' brilliant. The electrode touches all the right places for me. E-Stim's machined finish is flawless and obviously without sharp edges. Use lots of water-based lube or conductive gel. Great to explore e-stim!...

Helix Blue Pack


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After a nice conversation with the sales department i went with the electro helix blue pack.
What a sensation is this!
Never have i experienced such a deep pleasurable feeling.

im in love with it.. now my quest for more toys begins...

Helix Blue Pack


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I'm a first time user to electro stimulation for pleasure. After seeing and reading various reviews about this product online I just had to get one. My god, you will not be disappointed. This small unit packs a powerful punch but is also great for those who want to start of 'slow' and increase the feel of the electricity....

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