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Large E-Bead 2.0


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This is currently my favourite electrode and well worth the investment in terms of finish, quality and versatility.
I regard it as two electrodes for the price of one due to the flexibility of using it fully inserted for deep sensations or half inserted, the latter is excellent for creating the 'ghost fuck' feelings which I also highly recommend trying and experimenting with.
Before I ordered this I was a little worried about the tethered cable but now that I have used this electrode a few times I feel more and more confident in its excellent build quality and now have no qualms in recommending to others....

Black Collection - Small


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My lovely wife bought me this in Small for Christmas and we tried it out the other day, I have a Flange and a Large Torpedo so this fills the size gap nicely between the two. I have only used it in 'fully inserted' node and the feel is quite different to the other two electrodes I have and it gives a wonderful 'ghost fucking' feel. I'm looking forward to trying the 'semi inserted' mode as I'm sure it will be amazing. Low profile leads are a must for using it sitting down. Great job guys - a top class bit of kit!...



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This is a great power box at a great price. Its the most powerful box at its price point. Which was one reason I choose it. Its well made and feels solid. Its capable of giving a lot of different sensations which are easy to customise on the fly. It comes in a nice plastic box with plenty of space for cables and a few electrodes. The small egg that comes with the red pack is beautifully finished and feels very solid the cables feels to be very good quality and unlikely to break too easily....

ElectroPebble XPF Pack


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This is an amazing kit to get you started.
Really happy with the control unit, glad I went for this version.
Please ensure you read the instructors with regards to switching it on/off and before using it, typical man thing jumping in head first but it can hurt if you don’t do it correctly, it’s caught me out a couple of times at the heat of the moment....

8mm Dipstick UltraSound


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This item is worth a lot more.
Found this works really well with a 4mm rubber loops at the base of the penis.
I Tried using a loop behind the ball sac but didn’t work for me.
Use the ElectroGel for easy inserting...

Medium Diamond Penis Plug


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Found this a little difficult to use, just couldn’t get the setting up done correctly.
maybe a bit of experience with sounds and a little stretching before attempting these.

It uses a 4mm cable so make sure you have a 4mm loop/probe/sleeve to match, this unfortunately is not very clear, but had plenty of accessories to make it compatible.
Tips: buy a 4mm conductor loop ( you should have this as part of your pack anyway)

ADMIN: We are sorry that you feel that we do not explain the connections very well but on the product description there is an entire heading marked Connections, that details the various options depending on the likely second point of contact needed, whether that be a BiCable or wa 4mm cable, so we do feel we have made it clear. For clarity NONE of our packs come with 4mm loops so this is misleading information. You would only need the 4mm cable if you are using this product with Electro STraps or 4mm Loops, if you bought this alongside either our Helix Blue Pack or either of the ElectroPebble XP packs then you would in fact require the BiCable to use it with the included 2mm loops....

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