ElectroPebble XPE Pack


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This is my very first e-stim product and I don't regret getting it. This is the very first "thing" that can give me hands free orgasms and that's been a quest to achieve.

The power, for someone new to e-stim, is enough. Though I feel someone more accustomed to e-stim should go for the 2B.

The feeling on "torment" is like someone squeezes you from the base up to the tip. It's amazing. You can also switch up how it feels by changing the polarization.

The good thing with this pack is that you can experiment with different electrodes. You can place the pads on different muscles or somewhere you please (don't use anything e-stim above waist! Also not hand to hand!)

All in all I can just recommend anyone, especially new to e-stim, this product.

The box is light and small. Everything is easy to handle. The knobs are really precise. It is worth every penny in my book.

That is all :)...



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I have had The Stuffer for years, and it is the only insertable that after so many years still performs without any issues and looks as fresh and clean as on the day of purchase! If you like the combination of an anal stretch followed by a full feeling spiced with electro, this is your game! Truly a high quality product. ADMIN: Thank you for your kind words and great review, we are so glad you are happy with your Stuffer and that you are still enjoying it....

Electro Speculum


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Just when I thought e-stim couldn't get any kinkier, I found the Electro Speculum. I am delighted with it for several reasons. Firstly it is very solidly built, the hinges are great, and the level of shiny finish on the stainless steel components is first class.
It is when you use it though that things really get kinkier. E-stim, coupled with medical play, is the perfect combination, and it was amazing to use a mirror and watch my own orgasm from the inside.
Make sure you use lots of electrolube and prepare yourself for some fantastic sensations. I can highly recommend the Electro Speculum for general play as well as medical play....

Self adhesive Micro pads


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I decided to get a set of these electrodes on a whim, and I am delighted that I did so. Their small size makes them ideal for use on my perineum and also my partner's penis; it fits on his glans perfectly.

Taking a regular cable with 2mm plugs, it means I can use one of these electrodes with a standard-sized one. The glue holds them in place well, and I love the intense feelings that they generate.

Don't bother trimming down electrodes get these ones made for the job, and I love them....

ElectroPebble XPE Pack


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Nice easy to use this device.. my first one. I am very satisfy!!
The knobs can handle by one hand. Maybe I update quite soon to B2 device.....

Remote System


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Since I received the E-stim Remote System, I can honestly say that I have had so much fun with it. The range on the transmitter is, and it is so easy to use. Out of the five modes, it is the movement sensor setting that I love the best.

I can wire up my submissive, and while she tries to stay very still to prevent a shock, I just hit the fire button and off she goes. The initial shock causes her to jump and then the movement sensor takes over prolonging the fun. Talk about tears of joy and anguish.

This is the perfect tool for any Dom/sub scene, but it is also fun to wear and use on your own too if you fancy teasing yourself out and about.

With the regular favourites, pulse and continuous coupled with the fire button and the motion sensor, you can get creative. Once again, this is another e-stim control box that is so much fun to use....

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