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Large Torpedo


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Warm up is very important, I also have a flange and an MJ, you will need to open yourself with something similar before you graduate to the Large Torpedo, 50mm and the weight of this thing should not be under estimated!
The reward of patience is, of course, a serious stretch and a truly full feeling. Wired up and in pulse mode this thing really delivers, truely powerful simulation, your butt and hole will be in bits, HFO with only anal stim? If your in a good place (hard), it’s possible....



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I was concerned at spending a lot of money on an insertable, but I needn't have been worried, its amazing. I love the size, bigger than I expected but very happy about this as it stays nicely in place. Works very well as either a mono pole plug with another electrode or a bi polar plug in its own right. Delivers some delicious sensations....



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Just bought an MJ electrode to compliment the XPF pack (flange) that I recently acquired. Thought I’d write a review following my first few sessions with it.
I love anal and am in training to reach OMG level, this probe certainly fills me nicely though, with enough weight to make its presence felt. With gel applied, inserting is easy, the super smooth rounded head opening me up nicely with only moderate pressure required to slide it fully home. At 38mm, stretch is enough to give a nice but not tight feel.
Used as a butt plug, positioned over the neck it is comfortable and secure with a relaxed anus. Tightening the muscle will pull it back in if needed. Under clothes, I will wear a string/thong for security – short pins in the wire connection holes will be used to stop the back strap slipping off.
Having the flange already, I chose MJ over the Moaner for its shorter neck, larger head and increased length, a different feel. Stimming is great in that the sensations can vary so much by simply moving around or changing position, the MJ delivers far more than the flange in this respect.
Generally, the MJ gives a deeper, smoother more intense less spikey feel than the flange, especially at higher outputs. It is also easier to keep the base in contact with your anus, important if you want to keep the current flowing and muscles buzzing!
The MJ’s combination of neck and head length delivers plenty of power, contractions really drive the MJ’s base hard into your hole. It’s also fun to watch a large lump of metal banging your arse!
So far, I’ve found that stimming gives me a really solid erection (although no HFO yet…). With the MJ inserted, climax contractions are strong (don’t switch off at your point of no return) and I seem to produce more cum than I normally would. Think this is because second and third contractions are harder and the prostate/balls more fully drained – that’s my theory anyway. Well done E Stim.
I will be back again to review the OMG….when it fits...

ElectroPebble XPF Pack


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Bought mine two days ago, awesome once you get the hang of it. My first orgasm delivered amazing contractions and quantity, very satisfying.
Build quality lives up to the price, nothing about this kit disappoints, I now need a bigger electrode!...

Black Collection - XL


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This is without a doubt the biggest e-stim electrode that I have ever had the pleasure of using and I almost gave up trying to get all of it in.

I persevered though and with the help of warming up with other electrodes first and a few orgasms I finally got it fully home and it felt incredible. Not only stretching me wider than ever before but its weight felt like it was constantly to push itself deeper inside me.

The sensations when stimming with it are fantastic, focussed around my g-spot and I have no problem reaching reliable orgasms with it. However it is for pussy use only on me as I would never get it in my other fun hole.

If you are looking for a heavy, filling electrode then this one deserves serious consideration, I love it....

Black Collection - Large


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This is one hell of am electrode. I can only take it vaginally but it feels incredible when fully inserted. The weight and girth coupled together provides some amazing sensations even before switching your control box on. When stimming with it I have reliable strong orgasms that are simply mind-blowing. I loved the Bobble with the Black Collection has taken it to the next level....

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