E-Stim Systems Gel




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Another superb electrode. I love the way that as the electrodes are so far apart you get the current flowing through more tissue making the sensations feel amazing. I love the large surface area on the base and have never had any hot spots with it. If you are looking for a great electrode that feels good even before you turn on your control box then definitely give the Moaner a go. It is very aptly named....

2B Bonus Pack


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I really, really like this e-stim control box. I knew that it had an amazing reputation which is why I wanted it and it has certainly lived up to that reputation. The Bonus pack is great as I am always in need of extra cables and having the Digital Link Cable has already allowed me to update the firmware in my 2B to the latest version and that took me just six minutes in total. Its performance is amazing. I have a Series 1, and ElectroHelix and an ElectroPebble as well and this control box blows all three totally out of the water in terms of its functionality and upgrade-ability. I love the waterfall and squeeze programs the best and just can;t get enough of it. I can see my other control boxes just gathering dust now. The 2B gets a very strong recommendation from me....

Small Diamond Penis Plug


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I bought this in order to add some spice into BDSM play with my husband and I loved using it on him. It looks stunning and is so smooth it slips in very easily. We found the best combination was with a cock loop or an anal electrode and the sensations were very strong indeed.

I made the mistake of getting the small instead of the medium but it works none the less, measure yourself guys. I have even used it on myself so you could just call it an electrosex urethral plug.

If you are looking for a great way to add some spice to your cock play then this is definitely worth a go, it's just like sounding but with the added sensations that go with e-stim play....

Dual Pinwheel


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I was very, very nervous when I unboxed my dual pinwheel as it has a certain medieval look to it and those pins are so, so sharp.

However once I ran it over my skin I couldn't believe the results or the sensations that it caused and when I connected it to my 2B control box it blew me away.

The combination of the sharp pins and the sharp electrical sensations are a heady mix and I love having it used on me when I am restrained.

It still gives me goose bumps everytime I use it and I can't get enough of it. It has me wanting to try more kinky electrodes now.

Yes it looks like pure evil but it produces some heavenly sensations and I wish I had tried one earlier....

Dual Pinwheel


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This is deliciously vicious! My wife and I took turns running it over every inch of our bodies for a good couple of hours. WOW! We have never known sensations like this. The pins are good enough on their own, but with the power on (Series 1 box) the effect is truly mind blowing. Being bipolar means it can be used anywhere, which pleased my wife as she loves nipple play. When she ran it up and down my cock, and back and forth across the head, well I didn't think such feelings were possible!
The tool itself is very well made, and feels heavy duty. Beware, those pins are very sharp! And blood was accidentally drawn. If you are looking for new, very intense sensations, buy one of these!...

Medium Magnum™


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I have the medium Magnum and love it. I can honestly say that it is the first electrode that has allowed me to experience trouble free and easy anal fun and games as well as lots of vaginal fun too.

It has great surface area and I love the new Satin finish as it not only looks great but it makes the electrode easier to hold with lubed up fingers.

So far I have enjoyed it on three control units and it is one of my favourites now and it will definitely be my first choice for anal e-stim fun.

The tapered tip makes it very easy to insert and removal is also easy as well, I would recommend going for the right angled low profile plugs on the connector cable as they are much better in my opinion....

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