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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions and answers to some of the more common questions regarding E-Stim and its pleasures. This is not a compete list and is constantly being updated as it is based on real questions asked by our users.

If you would like to ask a question, then why not visit our customer forums, for up to date advice and chat about E-Stim Equipment. Or, if you want a more immedate response, then have a look for our new online chat option, if we are online you should see a flashing icon towards the top right of this page - just click on it to chat with one of our experienced E-Stim Team..

Can we use e stim power box for pain relief.

Our units are not medical devices and we are not medically qualified so we are not able to advise either way as to whether our units can be used for pain relief.


Is it safe to stim with steel ball stretchers?

There are no issues with stimming if you are wearing steel ball stretchers, you just to make sure that any contacts you use are either connected to the ball stretcher so that you are using the stretcher as one of your contact points or if you are using contacts directly onto the skin and not using the stretcher that the contact s do not both touch the stretcher as this will mean that no current would pass through you and so you would not feel anything.


The electro pads do not fit on the connector cords. What am I missing?

Are you using the right cables? Our connection pads use 2mm/TENS connectors which are supplied with all of our current power units. For more information on cables have a look at our Cable page


With an estim unit , it came with a urethral sound and a sticky pad. Where is the best place to stick the pad? under balls, underside of penis, top side? Thanks

The simple answers is any and all 3. Try one, then try another until you find it most pleasurable. These is no best point as we are are different and all enjoy different sensations.


I have a cardio myopathy (hocum) is it safe to use estim with a urethal sound and analysis plug.

As with all medical issues, we suggest you consult your medical practitioners.


Can I download a manual for the for the 2B, I have mislaid mine.

Yes all of our power boxes manuals can be downloaded directly from the store product pages. 2B


Can a loop be used as an anal probe with another under cock head instead of getting a separate probe? ?

It is technically possible, but would not be very effective.


Does conductive rubber have a life? After a while it does not seem to work as well as when new.

Yes, like all consumable materials it will depend on how much you use it, and in what environments.


Can i safely use My estim unit on the genitals with a ICD/pacemaker located at the right Chest shoulder area. I have used estims before the pacemaker. I would like to use it again. Thanks

We always recommend you seek medical advice before using E-Stim with any form of medical condition involving the heart.

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