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This product is an scam, evenbthe servicebis poor, they dont take any respinsability if there is any problems. There's no options to refund and if a review is not positive, they directly don't post it. I feel scammed.
Admin comment
There is no scam involved whatsoever, our terms and conditions are very clear, once the products have been used we are not able to accept returns, but despite this we have offered to accept the unused items back for a refund and have made an offer in relation to the power unit. The previous review was deleted as it was factually incorrect and abusive.


Author: Guillem P.

Review date 30.12.2019


No comment available


Author: Lee I.

Review date 04.12.2017


Items arrived later than expected and one item appears to be faulty. Seller has not responded to emails requesting help/advice and to return items.
Admin comment
We had replied to the customer but due ton spam filtering he had not received the emails. The delay in delivery was as a result of issues with the driver at the depot and not within our control and the unit has been returned to us and was found not to be fault at all.


Author: Andrew K.

Review date 04.12.2016


Talking on the phone was very easy, advice was good, website I found a little hard and this followed through to ordering
Admin comment
Thank you for your comments, and we are looking into an update on our website soon.


Author: jonathan h.

Review date 12.09.2015

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