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Author: Den C.

Review date 15.04.2018


The only reason I can't rate the product quality as 5 stars is my adjust button is a bit stiff, like its rubbing on something or not quite straight.

The website is a little confusing to use.

But most importantly, the unit works really well and the accessories are great! I am really pleased with it :-)
Admin comment
We have spoken to the customer and resolved the issue with the Adjust Control.


Author: Glyn P.

Review date 08.03.2018


Over all your service is great. I just find the web site not very intuitive. This is just little things. Like contact info and the initial block searches as when I am looking for certain item.Where I actually need to look.
Thanks for my order of only a cable. When I have needed to contact you in the past. You are always friendly and professional.


Author: Richard H.

Review date 20.02.2018


found Valentines discount/s for newsletter subscribers a little unclear. I bought a 2B&bonus pack hoping for 14% & 10% discounts but could only get 10% Later I received another email with the 14% valentines discount which I thought unused so entered it for my 2nd order of a Small flanged & cables but checkout it stated it had already been use
Admin comment
Sorry to hear that you found the offer confusing, but the banner and Newsletter did clearly say the sale was only for selected products and the 2B on this occasion was not one of them. The offer you received as a Newsletter subscriber did state it was a single use only and the reminder email that we send out also mentioned 'if you have not already used...." but we will certainly look at how we can improve the clarity of our offers in the future, so thank you for your feedback.


Author: chris y.

Review date 19.02.2018


The product itself is a powerful unit, although the connectors have a tendency to fall out of the device a little, disconnecting them unfortunately.
Shipping was good and fast although £10 for next day shipping seems quite expensive.
The website is good and easy to navigate although is missing a few details about the products which could be usef
Admin comment
Unfortunately next day delivery services that offer flexibility of time slots or pick up locations are not cheap but we do our best to keep costs to our customers as low as we can._br /_ If there is valuable information that you believe is missing from our site then let us know and we can look at including it.


Author: Joe

Review date 06.01.2018


New to e-stim and still learning to use the products. Website would benefit with more explicit beginner tutorials - especially for straight men who are not ready for urethra inserts

Products appear good quality and interesting to play with but haven't yet managed to achieve much with them - probably due to my ignorance.
Admin comment
Thanks for your feedback, our website is s store rather than a learning site, but we will certainly look to see if we can provide more content about how to use products in the future.


Author: Keith S.

Review date 01.01.2018


No comment available


Author: chapelle b.

Review date 30.11.2017


The extensive use of black on your website isn't very attractive, but otherwiseit does function well
Admin comment
Thank you for your comment, however black is part of our company colour scheme and so will feature on our site.


Author: Paul W.

Review date 25.09.2017


Great product... Very happy with my purchases. Only notice that I accidentally purchased a toy without buying the required cable (in same order as I buy a starter box). I would have liked to have received a warning for you when you noticed.
I would then have avoided the need for making an extra order
Admin comment
We are sorry if you feel we did not provide a good service, but we are not able to check every order to see if items are obviously missing, and check with the customer as this creates delays in dispatching orders. We are also not able to know what items a customer may already own and so it maybe that the 'missing' item is already owned. _br /_ We do believe that we provide enough helpful information on the products to help with buying all that is needed and we are available to answer questions and queries.


Author: Theis H.

Review date 16.03.2017


No comment available


Author: Robert M.

Review date 06.03.2017

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