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Great range of top quality products. Fast friendly service. Some items are too pricy.
Admin comment
Thanks for your feedback. Price is always a tricky issue but when comparing like for like we believe we are competitively priced against our competitors.


Author: Jon B.

Review date 04.01.2018


New to e-stim and still learning to use the products. Website would benefit with more explicit beginner tutorials - especially for straight men who are not ready for urethra inserts

Products appear good quality and interesting to play with but haven't yet managed to achieve much with them - probably due to my ignorance.
Admin comment
Thanks for your feedback, our website is s store rather than a learning site, but we will certainly look to see if we can provide more content about how to use products in the future.


Author: Keith S.

Review date 01.01.2018


Amazing Service, Fantastic Company , Awesome Products - thanks a million - I'll be back Soon !


Author: TIMOTHY C.

Review date 28.12.2017


No comment available


Author: Ian B.

Review date 26.12.2017


The product OMG electrode is great, and I like the satin finish. But there are some little abrasions on the surface. Maybe this is caused by transport (vibration, pressure) or handling in production. No serious problem, just something to be a little more perfect.
Admin comment
Thanks for your feedback and we will take a look at this for the future.


Author: Edgar R.

Review date 23.12.2017


Very happy with my two products


Author: Ian K.

Review date 21.12.2017


Very happy customer


Author: Jonas

Review date 18.12.2017


The transaction was simple , Delivery very fast, and the products were everything I could have hoped for , very satisfied customer here
Admin comment
Thanks for your kind words and we are please you are happy with your purchase.


Author: Ian D.

Review date 16.12.2017


No comment available


Author: Ralf Alexander E.

Review date 14.12.2017


Excellent customer service. Will use again


Author: Alan D.

Review date 12.12.2017

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