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Did you know we have actually been around for quite a while. Ever since our humble beginnings in a garage back in 2004, we have been working to create the ultimate in E-Stim technology. We are proud to be a UK manufacturer - We actually manufacture around 95% of our products here in the UK, unlike some other companies who seem to import everything from the Far East and then 'assemble' them.

Quality & Control

Manufacturing in our own workshops allows us complete control over the quality of our products (did I mention our lifetime guarantee), as well as giving us the ability to be innovative and develop new ideas - In fact we have more industry firsts than anyone we know.

First for Innovation

We created the worlds first dedicated audio driven control unit, the ABox, the worlds first E-Stim Remote with a built in motion sensor, the first ballistic curve electrodes (The Magnum Family), the Frist electrodes with a RibbleHead design The Deviant Family, and we also produce the worlds largest commercial produced E-Stim electrode - The Decimator.

To top it all of we are also the first, (and still the only) E-Stim company in the world to offer a lifetime guarantee on both our power units and our entire range of premium electrodes. We lead, we listen, we innovate and others try to catch up!!

Does exactly what it says on the tin!!

We don't offer pretty packaging backed by overpriced marketing. Our toys are created to be durable, effective and they really do work - we know as we actually play with them ourselves. You won't find them on every shelf in an adult chain store, just a few independent stores dotted around the world - stores that are known as we are for service, quality and above all having fun.

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