E-Stim Systems Gel

Discontinued Products

Like all companies we will eventually retire or discontinue a product, especially when we come up with something new or improved.

Series 1

Part of our original offering the Series 1 has now been replaced by the ElectroHelix, with more power, improved controls and more modes. (Series 1 discontinued in 2017)

Series 2

The Series 2 started a revolution in electro power units, and was highly popular, but we managed to squeeze even more out of it and upgraded to the current 2B. (The Series 2 was discontinued in 2011)

Original ABox

The Original ABox was the first commercially produced E-Stim unit in the world that operated just on Audio sources. Now superseded and replaced by the ABox Mk 2

Still Supported?

Just because we retire a power box, do not panic. If you are the original owner then you are still covered by our lifetime guarantee. If you come across a secondhand power box, then please remember our lifetime guarantee only extends to the original purchaser, not to units purchased secondhand. Generally units out of guarantee can still be repaired for a small fee.
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