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2mm/TENS Cable

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This is our standard 2mm/TENS type connection cable consisting of a moulded 3.5 mm right angle mono jack plug with 1.5M of cable terminated in two moulded colour coded 2mm plugs, and available in two different lengths.

Designed for connecting E-Stim electrodes with 2mm sockets - mainly our Self Adhesive electro pads, as well as some other TENS based electrodes from other sources to any of our E-Stim control boxes.

If you are looking to connect to any of our electrodes from our Premium Range, then you will need our 4mm connection cable.

The 3.5mm jack plug is designed to fit any of our control units, as well as control units from Folsom, PES and ErosTek.

Available in two lengths, Standard 1.5M, and a longer 4M cable.(Please note that the 4M version has a standard straight 3.5mm jack plug and not the right angle version)

Supplied with a 3 month guarantee.


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I bought these cables to replace the originals supplied with your 2b power box after they broke where the cable goes into the plastic connector. This is a weak point, and some sort of moulded connector would be an improvement. It lets down your excellent 2b box! [We now supply moulded 2mm/TENS pin connections with built in strain relief]

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