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4mm Low Profile Cable

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A new updated low profile version of our 3.5mm mono jack plug with 1.5M of cable terminated in two colour coded right angled 4mm plugs, designed with heavy duty moulded 4mm plugs, together with a low profile 3.5mm plug.

The cable is designed to connect E-Stim electrodes with 4mm sockets to any of our E-Stim control boxes. The low profile 3.5mm jack plug will fit any of control units, as well as control units from Folsom, PES and ErosTek.


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Although the cable is low profile, I still managed to "break" one in less than a month of use. I'm very careful when manipulating it, always pulling the plug, not the cable itself. It might just be one bad apple, but be extra careful, broken cables can give you quite a bad surprise ;) ADMIN: Sorry to hear of this issue but all our cables are covered by a 3 month warranty and so we will happily replace this one.
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Câble très pratique avec un plug. L'avantage majeur étant que meme si l'on s'assoit, cela n'abîme pas le câble grâce à son angle droit. Je suis bien content d'avoir dépensé quelques €uros de plus. Handy cable with a plug. The major advantage is that even if one sits down, it does not damage the cable through the right angle. I'm glad to have spent some € uros more.
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Sturdy and much more comfortable for seated positions than the regular 4mm cable. The finish on mine was a bit rough on the casing, but the plastic used is soft enough to not scratch any aluminium surfaces. A bit pricey. (Price at the time of this review: £12,-/ €15,02) but it does the job well. My cable came with yellow and black plugs.

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