E-Stim Systems Gel


(£61.67 ex UK VAT)

I was concerned at spending a lot of money on an insertable, but I needn't have been worried, its amazing. I love the size, bigger than I expected but very happy about this as it stays nicely in place. Works very well as either a mono pole plug with another electrode or a bi polar plug in its own right. Delivers some delicious sensations.

Another superb electrode. I love the way that as the electrodes are so far apart you get the current flowing through more tissue making the sensations feel amazing. I love the large surface area on the base and have never had any hot spots with it. If you are looking for a great electrode that feels good even before you turn on your control box then definitely give the Moaner a go. It is very aptly named.

Well what can I say but wow and yes it does make one moan A lot in all the nice ways possable.

Another fab device for your box of tricks ladies and gents.

Used many times and I am sure lots in the future.

I bought this by accident as I meant to get the flanged Bipolar. Initially it was very difficult to insert. However the discomfort was worth it as I find an absolutely awesome electrode. It is highly satisfying. In fact I am now thinking of trying a large torpedo..........

The best thing in insertables since the Flange

Love using this toy on my nearest and dearest sub and she loves the pleasure it gives her inside, it fills her more than the flange does and avoids those awkward occasions when she moves and loses contact and then gets the shock of her life. Definately a winner for the girl who likes to feel full and get a good e-stimming too.

As usual made to the exacting and excellent stanrdards that you expect from E-Stim and you know it has been designed and tested by experienced and commited people.

10 out of 10

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