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Review - 2B Power Box

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Surprisingly sturdy, yet small and lightweight for the power it delivers. Get it along with the power supply or you won't be able to feel it's full potential. Most of the built-in functions leave me cold, but there is enough variation. Read the manual for a description of the modes included.
The physical interface is a mixed bag. The knobs have good grip and a consistent turn rate. I'm not thrilled about the Select button and the difference in function for that button based on the amount of time you depress it. Quite irritating to inadvertently cut to the mode selector when you want to adjust the feel of the mode. This can probably be fixed in software though. The external power cord gets in the way of both the knobs and the power switch. On my unit I was appalled by the build quality of the power switch. Almost any sideways tap to the unit would make it shut down, ruining the experience. This was dismissed as normal by the support team, otherwise I would not have mentioned it.
It's a shame that the audio and digital link share the same jack, which necessitates an (expensive) custom USB cable.
[Ed: The USB Cable contains the Interface electronics - It is NOT a standard USB cable]
Interfacing the 2B with a computer is a breeze when you have the connection cable. The API is open, which puts this unit ahead of the competition on that subject. Several user-written control apps for various devices have already been developed.
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