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Review - The Medium Deviant™

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I bought the Series 1 with a Flange. With my sub, we learned to use it, along with some pads and items. Please read my previous reviews for more feedback regarding them.
As we wanted to experiment more, the Deviant was the next step. Well, again, the result is stunning. According to her, it's not the same sensation at all compared to the Flange. Not 'bigger' or 'stronger', just different. In fact, I was afraid the Flange would disappear from our games but no, it's still in use. Great looking, heavy, you just can't go wrong with a Deviant, even if it's your first insertable. For your information, my sub is 4 foot 11 inches tall only, not very fat, and still the Deviant Medium was the perfect choice.
26/06/2013 by
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