E-Stim Systems Gel


Black Collection - Large


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This is one hell of am electrode. I can only take it vaginally but it feels incredible when fully inserted. The weight and girth coupled together provides some amazing sensations even before switching your control box on. When stimming with it I have reliable strong orgasms that are simply mind-blowing. I loved the Bobble with the Black Collection has taken it to the next level....

Black Collection - Medium


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All I can say is WOW, this is a fantastic electrode and its size and weight is terrific. I prefer using it full inserted but if you only insert the first ball you get very intense feelings around the entrance to whatever orifice it has been inserted into. I love the feeling of being ghost fucked and while I couldn't take this one anally my friend loved doing so and it was so much fun watching her trying to get it in. Top Tip use lots of electrolube as it helps a lot with big electrodes....

Black Collection - Small


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I adore this electrode, the Bobble is one of my favourites and to see it given an uplift in terms of girth and length is fantastic. I love the finish it gives this electrode a much darker look and feel than the Bobble and its my go to electrode for kinky BDSM fun and games.

I highly recommend getting a low profile 4mm cable so it is easier to sit with this inserted. If you are looking for a nice upgrade to the Bobble then definitely consider this one. It's great for vaginal and anal use and I love its gender free design....



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I love the product ,But its almost impossible to change the battery , If and when you make this product with a mains adapter i would buy one immediately.

Admin: We are sorry if you are having difficulty, we do provide detailed instructions on how to do it and we also have a Youtube video showing how to do it in under 60 seconds from start to finish....

The Large Deviant™


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I bought one for use with my partner. She loved the flanger but wasn’t thick enough for her to hold in place without me applying a little pressure to hold the base in contact with her.

She loved the shape and thickness of the large deviant. and had 3 orgasms without even turning the electricity on.

The large deviant was just a little too long for her and we never managed to get the device far enough into her to allow the base to make contact with her - so we were never able to use it for its intended purpose. The device is no longer than she is used to accommodating but the girth seems to prevent her taking the full length

Overall I would say the deviants are excellent devices but consider if you or your partner can take or the large deviant or if a medium would be a better option...

Helix Blue Pack


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Got my helix blue kit today. Previously had their original starter kit and this thing is amazing. Wonderful piece of kit for solo and in a play bag. Will definitely be getting the bigger box soon. Estim opened my mind to the world of electro play and it’s many uses both as a fun solo device and as a bottom control device (excuse the pun). Many thanks for keeping up the build quality and everything I loved with the version 1. Many a fun time will be had. For anyone wondering if electro is for you, give it a go. It only hurts if I’m in control! Peace, love and light x...

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