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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions and answers to some of the more common questions regarding E-Stim and its pleasures. This is not a compete list and is constantly being updated as it is based on real questions asked by our users.

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Can I use E-Stim on my head, ears, neck?

No. The general advice is to stay below the waist, but certainly avoid anything above the shoulders - there are too many autonomous nerves that could be inadvertently stimulated by e-stim.


How do I clean sticky pads?

Because sticky pad electrodes are self adhesive they stick to lots of things and they will pick up dead skin, fluff and other materials. Because the adhesive is so good its not normally possible to clean them.


What is Electrosex?

Electrosex, is just another name for electrostimulation, e-stim and electroplay. Basically it is using electricity to stimulate the body in some very interesting and varied ways. Electrosex might also refer to the practice of having sex while using E-Stim, which is generally considered to be slightly risky as it can involve current passing through the chest.


What is the difference between a plain sound and a dipstick sound?

The dipstick sound is a device produced by E-Stim Systems, designed with a small ridge every 20mm. Each ridge offers additional sensation as the sound is inserted and withdrawn, as well as allowing you to gauge how deep the sound is going.


What is a urethral sound?

A urethral sound is a medical device originally designed for inserting into the urethral track in the penis (the hole down the center). By connecting an e-stim unit to the sound, and another connection you can generate some quite intense sensations within the penis.


Can women use a Urethral sound?

Sounding in women is possible, but you need a smaller sound as the urethral tract is much shorter in women than in men. Have a look at the E-Stim Systems Micro sound.


Can E-Stim cause burns?

Generally no, but with high levels, and a very small contact area it is possible to cause minor irritation or redness.


I am allergic to nickel can I use e-stim?

Generally yes, but check with the manufacturer to ensure their electrodes are nickel free. You need to ensure that you are using a power box with no DC output (all made for play power boxes have an AC output), to ensure there is no possibility of ion migration, as well as more obviously an electrode that does not contain nickel.


I am allergic to latex, can I use conductive rubber?

Latex allergies are normally related to the release agent used in making latex, but if you have an allergy, the advice would be to try a small piece of Conductive Rubber on the skin - you should be able to see if there is a reaction.


I am taking prescription medicines can I use e-stim?

We cannot offer medical advice in this respect as there are so many medicines that are available, we suggest you talk to your medical practitioner.

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