E-Stim Buyers Guide

Buyers Guide

We are often asked what to buy. We design and create a wide range of power boxes, an even wider range of electrodes and when it comes to adaptors, cables and all the ancillary items it can become seriously confusing.

Now we don't know everything but we do have some experience as we have been using, manufacturing and marketing our own range of E-Stim equipment since 2004, so we do have some ideas as to what works and what doesn't.

What is it?
E-Stim or electro stimulation, (sometimes also referred to as 'estim', 'electroplay' or 'electrosex'), is simply the use of electricity applied to the human body in such a way to produce a pleasurable (normally!) sensation. The levels of stimulation and the methods of generation all combine to produce a unique experience far surpassing anything produced by a funny colored vibrator, especially ones named after cute furry animals.

Equipment available on the market today is either TENS based units (the medical use of E-Stim for pain relief) or made for play dedicated units. TENS units are designed to reduce pain and sensation and will always be inferior to 'made for play' E-Stim units. We produce a range of safe versatile made for play equipment, that far surpasses its competitors both in functionality and price, and all of our staff actively play with our equipment, both in research and development terms and in their personal lives. So when we offer advice its from personal knowledge and experience. We try to offer guidance as everyone's E-Stim experience is going to be difference.

E-Stim equipment consists of two main items. The power box, and an electrode (or electrodes). Everything else is considered to be ancillary, but important nevertheless. (Batteries, cables, conductive gel etc.)

I could suggest you buy everything at once, but a more realistic approach is to purchase a power box and an electrode and enjoy the learning experience. Then gradually, as your experience and knowledge increases you buy more.

Control Units
Control units are the bit of equipment that generates all the fun. We currently produce 5 units, all designed to complement each other. If you are on a budget and looking for a starter unit, then think about the new ElectroHelix, based on our original Series 1, but with many new improvements. The ElectroHelix is offered in 3 starter packs, the Helix Blue, the Helix Red and the standard Helix Pack.

If you want something that is going to offer you a little bit bit of everything, then our ElectroPebble & the XPE and XPF Packs are the one to consider, however if you want the best E-Stim powerbox in the world with all the 'bells and whistles' then our 2B should be you only consideration.

ElectroPebble Powerbox The ElectroPebble® is our latest E-Stim creation, and has been created to be a players box. With two channels allowing multiple electrodes to be used, 9 program modes including audio and adjustments everywhere, the ElectroPebble® is a true pleasure box. It also comes in two additional packs, the XPE with Conductive Rubber Loops and a Medium Electro Egg, and the XPF, again with Conductive Rubber Loops, but with the addition of a Flange electrode. It is covered by a lifetime guarantee

The ElectroPebble® is a true players unit. If you want a powerbox that is easy to use and just works, then the ElectroPebble® should be your choice.

2B Powerbox The 2B is the ultimate when it comes to E-Stim equipment. With more power, more control and more programs than every before the 2B is a serious piece of kit. The 2B has dual isolated channels (you can use two electrodes independently and they are isolated for safety), built in audio control with both an internal microphone and stereo input, but it now has 17 program modes, a mains power option (110-220V) and considerable more power than ever before. Its covered by a lifetime guarantee, and is upgradeable. So - if you want the best then the 2B is the answer. Combine the 2B with our Digital Link interface and Commander™ you now have e-stim control through your PC, Mac, across the internet and even via an internet enabled mobile phone.

The 2B represents the ultimate when it comes to E-Stim Equipment. If you are looking for the most advanced unit on the market, then the 2B should be top of your shopping list.

The ElectroHelix The new ElectroHelix was created from the 'DNA' of our original Series 1. It is a single channel multi mode output model designed to be simple but effective. This is NOT a re-badged TENS unit, but a durable made for play unit. It offers power and flexibility at a very reasonable price. It has a wider range than similar units on the market, both in terms of control and power. With built in current limiting and step less level controls, It's also the only E-Stim unit currently on the market with a 'Fire Button' offering precise manual control, as well as 4 other adjustable modes. The ElectroHelix is also offered in 3 starter packs, the Helix Blue, the Helix Red and the standard Helix Pack. to give you even more value.

If you are looking for a starter unit then the ElectroHelix is the one I would suggest. It's flexible and versatile and not too complex. But it has the power and controllability levels that even a professional will find a space in their play box.

E-Stim Remote KitEBox Series 1 Remote
Next in the line-up is the EBox Series 1 Remote. The Series 1 Remote is one of the smallest E-Stim power boxes on the market, and was the first E-Stim unit in the world to offer a built in motion sensor. So loved by TV companies for zapping their contestants, the E-Stim Remote has a radio controlled digitally encoded key fob (no more interference from other units) and a range of up to 50M. The Remote also offers similar levels of functionality to the Series 1, all controlled from a small discreet key fob controller. It also has the ability to link up with other transmitters allowing more than one transmitter to control more than one receiver (or one receiver responding to more than one transmitter), assuming of course you want it to.

If you are seeking the remote control aspect then obviously the Remote fits the bill. Ideal for controlling the wayward maid, or the errant 'pony', it is small and discreet ideal for play in the 'vanilla' world.

The ABox™ABox
Lastly we come to our ABox™. The ABox is the only dedicated sound driven E-Stim unit on the market, offering audio driven E-Stim. A single channel dual output unit, that uses sound to generate the output. With a built in adjustable sensitivity microphone and the ability to use external sources (MP3 players etc), as well as a bright level control and step less output adjustment, the ABox puts voice or music controlled E-Stim into the playroom. Not just using the amplitude (loudness) of the sound, but also the frequency (tonal nature) the ABox is flexible, versatile and unique.

The ABox is unique. We wouldn't recommend it as a starter unit, but if you already have our equipment and are looking for something more, or if you have experience with audio or 'stereo' stimming then the ABox is certainly a good choice.

Electrodes made for E-Stim fall into two types, monopole and bipolar. Put simply in order to feel anything from E-Stim you need two points of contact, the current generated by the control unit flows between these two points and that is felt as a sensation. A unipolar electrode has a single contact, a bipolar electrode has two. It is possible to combine unipolar and bipolar electrodes together (for instance use one unipolar sound and a single contact of a bipolar plug, but it does get more complex. If you want to keep it simple then a couple of bipolar insertable electrodes will cover nearly all your needs. Don't forget that the majority of our E-Stim packs are shipped with 4 reusable sticky pads, and the necessary cables to connect them, giving you the ability to start to play as soon as you get home (or even before).

Electrodes are to a certain extent a very personal choice, and that choice is dictated by cost and anatomy. For insertables, we offer a high specification premium range. Our premium range of electrodes are manufactured by us here in the UK from solid metal alloy bar stock, and assembled with medical grade polymers and stainless steel fittings. We don't believe in cheap chrome plating or thin tin foil contacts so we don't use then. The connectors are heavyweight 4mm with the sockets drilled directly into the conductors.

The majority of our premium range of electrodes have contact points top and bottom. We have found this offers a more natural feeling when the electrode moves within the body as well as offering the optimum size of contact area. Some electrodes have contacts on the side, some on the top and bottom. some have a flanged base to ensure they don't go in too far, others are designed to be simply big. All of our premium electrodes come with a lifetime guarantee.

If you want more details on how to choose an insertable electrode, then have a look at our new guide on how to choose an insertable.

Conductive Rubber Cock StrapsConductive Rubber
Conductive rubber is a fantastic product that has taken the e-stim world by storm. Two soft supple conductive loops, available in two different connection sizes (2mm/TENS and 4mm), fit snugly around the penis, to take you to electroplay heaven. The conductive rubber ensures a sung flexible, fit, avoids 'hotspots' and will adjust to fit nearly all sizes (and that includes from flaccid to stiff!). They are so good we even supply them with our Helix Blue and ElectroPebble bonus packs, the XPE and XPF. We also sell the older but still popular fabric cock straps.

Why No Rings?
We don't stock thin steel cock rings. Although they exist on the E-Stim market we have always found they never really work, hardly ever fit correctly, or when they do they become too tight and fall off 5 minutes later.

Flanged ElectrodeFlanged base electrodes
The most popular in our premium range is the Flange electrode and its bigger sister the Moaner. With a large flanged based both these electrodes offer comfort and durability, as well as the additional security of a flanged base. If you want something larger then the MJ also features the flanged base.

If a you are looking for something larger than the flanged base range then the Torpedoes should fit the bill. The small torpedo is 1½" in diameter the larger torpedo is 2", The Stuffer is 2 1/2" in diameter, the OMG 3". All are bipolar designs, and offer a serious fullness feeling when worn. If you are looking for even bigger we produce electrodes right up to the massive 4" diameter Decimator™.

E-Stim Systems Dual PinWheelPinwheels and Sounds and more
We don't just produce a range of insertables. We also provide a range of exclusive urethral sounds (for insertion into the penis) and bipolar clips, tweezers and pinwheels for use on the surface of the skin.

Add conductive gel to any surface based electrodes (apart from the sticky pads) and the fun really begins. Conductive Gel decreases the resistance and makes any power box more effective.

Everything else
We stock a wide range of cables, gels, adaptors and other bits and pieces, all designed to enhance your E-Stim experience. Our wide range of adaptors designed to allow you to use our equipment with that produced by other manufacturers.

Hopefully this have given you a taste for E-Stim, and some idea as to what to buy. If you are still confused, or you want to ask more then please don't hesitate to give us a call, or send us an email. We would love to hear from you.

E-Stim Systems Ltd

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