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Building on the success of our original Vyper™ we have now released the - Python™ our first electro-compression system for the balls.

Created exclusively for the needs of a man and manufactured in the UK, the Python™ electro-compression device features 2 gold plated electro contact pads with adjustable compression. With the soft penis and balls slipped through, the balls then hang down directly into the grip of the adjustable compression system. The Python can squeeze and compress, before adding the sensation of electroplay.

Beware squeeze too hard and you could damage something very precious!

Designed for play

Rather than thin plastic panels with silver tape glued on, we use 5mm acrylic sheet, laser cut and then fitted with custom made PCBs ... and for durability and good contact the contact panels are gold plated.

Fully Assembled

The Python is supplied assembled with stainless steel and brass fittings.

Key Features

With 2 contact pads, you have two contact areas - perfect for connection to our 2B or even a single channel unit such as the E-Stim Systems Series 1..the choice is yours.

  • Wide 50mm (2") cock diameter
  • Gold plated contact pads
  • Heavy Duty 4mm Connectors and fittings
  • Suitable for single channel use
  • Easy to clean
Made in the UK


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12 December 2016. This item looked like it could be some fun so I bought one. It's a well made unit and robust enough for the job but I can only score it one star as unfortunately it doesn't fit my anatomy. For the unit to be effective the balls need to be ideally at the centre point of the three tightening screws, or at least at the same level as the two upper tightening screws; from the centre of the retaining ring the top two screws are 8cms down and the bottom screw 14cms down. If a guys balls are on the tight side and don't hang down past the 8cms mark, in use the front plate pivots about the top screws, closes up at the bottom (without tightening the bottom screw) and squeezes the balls upwards and out of the unit. If you're in the market for one of these I would say it's certainly worth checking your 'hang down' measurement and bearing in mind the returns policy. JM Admin: I am sorry that the item did not fit your personal anatomy but unfortunately it is not always possible


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You will need a cable to connect your electrode to your control unit.
Non E-Stim Systems control units may require a TENS style connection,
but may not have the power to drive the larger electrodes.

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