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Skin Play

The human body is covered in skin and its one of the most sensitive and practical parts of electro play. Remember don't play above the waist unless you know what you are doing, Apart from our sticky pads is it a good idea to use Conductive Gel on the skin to enhance the effect of electroplay. Dry skin just doesn't work as well.

Wide Choice

Our ElectroTweezers and EClips are designed to clip onto the surface of the body, (EClips can be used safely on the nipples with our E-Stim Systems 2B), and they are both BiPolar electrodes (both the points of contact are in the same electrode), while the ElectroWhisker needs a second point of contact but can then drive your subject wild when its fine steel brush is run across the surface of the skin.

And don't forget the classic Double and Single pinwheels, quite possibly the most evil skin play electrodes ever developed.

Mono or Bipolar

Monopole electrodes need two points of contact on the body to work. (The current passes from one to the other). Bipolar electrodes have the two points of contact in the same electrode making electroplay even easier.

Cable key

2mm Cable A 2mm/TENS
cable is needed.
4mm Cable A 4mm cable
is needed
Low Profile A 4mm/Low profile cable
can be used
Bi Cable A BiCable
can be used


Some of our skin play electrodes might need a cable and as we don't supply a cable as standard (one cable will fit many electrodes), so to help you decide if you need a cable all of the information pages are now marked with a graphic to indicate what cables are compatible with the electrode. Some electrodes will have a cable pre-attached. The individual electrode page will tell you if you need a cable.

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